Sean Couturier Interview

Published on September 20th, 2011

Sean Couturier

With Fran Rubert

The Flyers drafted forward Sean Couturier 8th overall in 2011.  This draft pick was acquired in the Jeff Carter trade.  Last season he played for the Drummondville Voltigeurs in the Quebec Major Junior League and in 58 games he scored 36 goals, 60 assists and 36 penalty minutes.

Center Ice sat down with Couturier after his first game as a Flyer when the Flyer rookies faced off against the Washington Capitals rookies back on September 15th.

Center Ice: You were born in Phoenix. Did you live there long?
Sean Couturier: No, only for a couple of months then we moved back to Canada.

Center Ice: You played for the Notre Dame Greyhounds?
Couturier: Yeah I played one year of midgets for them but the rest of the time I played for Drummondville; I think it helped me to mature playing the one year in midgets.

Center Ice: Growing up, did you look at other hockey players and try to emulate their style?
Couturier: Yeah, I watched a lot of hockey growing up and I observed a lot of little things and details that players would do and try to put that in my game. You learn from watching.

Center Ice: Were there any particular players that were your favorites?
Couturier: Growing up I liked Sidney Crosby and Malkin, Thornton, Lecavalier; the great players I try to emulate what they do best and put it in my game.

Center Ice: Your first game tonight, can you describe the play? Some say speed is the biggest difference from juniors.
Couturier: Yeah, definitely the speed is faster and the decision-making is quicker and the players are bigger and stronger. I have to get stronger physically but I think I am ready.

Center Ice:  You probably did not practice special teams but the power play with Brayden Schenn, you, and Blake Kessel looked pretty good?
Couturier: Yeah it went pretty good; Schenn is a great player; we just moved the puck quick and we put shots on the net; we did pretty good.

Center Ice: Have you played with any of the other Flyer rookies before?
Couturier:  No not really, there was Campbell Elynuik who was at Notre Dame also but I did not play with him there. It is all new guys and I am just trying to get to know the guys and have a good time.

Center Ice:  Is it great to play a game like this before you go into regular training camp?
Couturier: Sure, this is a great experience; sort of first official NHL game; enjoyed it a lot; I think it went well.

Center Ice: What was it like to play in this arena; it was a pretty good sized crowd?
Couturier: Obviously the fans were great and they showed the passion that they have for their team. It would be a lot of fun playing here.

Center Ice: How nervous were you?
Couturier: Before the game I was pretty nervous but once I got out there I felt good and just played my game.

Center Ice: How would you assess your game tonight?
Couturier: Overall I think it went well; I tried to keep it simple and pay attention to the little details; we worked hard; I think our line had a pretty good effort.

Center Ice: What are some of the things do you think you need to work on to get to this level?
Couturier: My first three steps in my skating; it is something that I have been working on since I was little and hopefully I can get better in the next few weeks and years.

Center Ice: Coming up as a young player who has been the most influential in your life?
Couturier: Probably my dad (Sylvain); I grew up watching him and I have always been around him; I just tried to learn anything from just being near him.

Center Ice: The coach had you out there at the end of the game; does that help with confidence?
Couturier: Sure you want to be out there in keys moments and I take pride in that; it was good.

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