Reading Royals – Interview with Louis Liotti

Published on April 17th, 2011

By Fran Rubert

Center Ice:  The team has been near the top of the conference all year but you have had a down spell at the end; any particular reason why?
Liotti:  I think it has been tough with injuries, call-ups and having different guys in the line-up every night; different chemistry.  I think throughout the season every team has its ups and downs and we are going through a little bit of a rough spot; it’s good for us to do that now then later in the playoffs. We will get through it, we have a great group of guys here; we are resilient.

Center Ice:  Last year you had a great run but came up short; is that in the back of the guys’ minds?
Liotti:  I think it is for the returning guys but I was not here last year so I cannot relate to that too much. So talking to some of the guys being so close, being up three games to nothing in the conference finals, to lose like that hurt pretty bad.  I think it will carry over and I think it will cause the guys to be much more ready.

Center Ice:  You are having a good defensive year, what has been your key?
Liotti:  Just keeping it simple; blocking shots, getting the pucks up to the forwards; taking away the other forwards time and space.

Center Ice:  You played in college, how did that prepare you for the professional game?
Liotti:  Our head coach coached in the AHL at Bridgeport so he knew how to prepare us; we only had two games a week; it is not the same as playing seventy games compared to thirty but you are getting the conditioning during the year and the games here are similar as in college with the guys flying around the ice.

Center Ice:  You also played in the USHL in the mid-west, how was that?
Liotti:  You play about sixty games and you spend a lot of time on the puck; you spend a lot of time at the rink; it is a lot like the ECHL.

Center Ice:  It is similar in travel, three games in four nights?
Liotti:  Yes it is. It is tough; there is not much that you can do to prepare you for that. It is hard, doing three games in three nights or whatever it is; the key is to eat right and get the proper rest and recharge and get ready for the next game.

Center Ice:  Growing up in New York what team did you follow?
Liotti:  I followed the Islanders and players like Pat Lafontaine, Pierre Turgeon.

Center Ice:  They are all offensive players; do you consider yourself an offensive defenseman?
Liotti:  No, you have to know your role; play good defense, keep it simple.  I don’t have any goals so it is tough to think of myself as an offensive player.

Center Ice:  What do you think you have to do to get up to the next level; you were in Bridgeport (AHL)?
Liotti:  I think it is the same; the guys at the next level are a little stronger; they move the puck a lot quicker; make decisions better so that is what I have to do; read the play better and make quicker decisions and you cannot get caught out of position at the next level because they will capitalize on their chances.

Louis Liotti

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