Phantoms One on One with Kevin Marshall

Published on December 24th, 2010

Photo credit: Andy Camp

Phantoms One on One with Kevin Marshall

With Fran Rubert

Kevin Marshall was drafted by the Flyers in 2007 (second round, 41st overall). The 20 year old defenseman hails from Boucherville, Quebec and played four years in the QMJHL for the Lewiston Maineiacs 2005-08 and the Quebec Ramparts 2008-09.

In 2007 he won the QMJHL championship with Lewiston; in 257 games in juniors he recorded 116 points (26 goals, 90 assists) and 521 penalty minutes. In 46 playoff games he scored 21 points (12 goals, 9 assists) and 96 penalty minutes.

Center Ice: The team as been up and down so far this season, any reason?

Kevin Marshall: The difference is we have three players missing from the line up from the beginning of the year, Jones, Rathchuk and Bartulis; and with players in and  out it is hard but I think as the season goes on the players will get along; I think we have a good team.; it is just a matter a paring the players together.

Center Ice: Have you adjusted to the Phantoms?

Kevin Marshall: Well this is my first year the phantoms; so far I think things are going pretty good;Greg Gilbert who is a new coach and Sjchell Sammuelson on defense; it is fun to work with him; to teach the young guys like me. It is good to understand what we did wrong; so far I think I am improving but obviously I still need to work on some aspects to make it to the NHL.

Center Ice: What are some of the adjustments do you have to make as a defenseman?

Kevin Marshall: Well one of the biggest adjustment is puck movement; coming up from junior now the pressure on you is a lot quicker; you always need to know what you are going to do with it; you do not have as much time as you did back in juniors; you had one or two strides but now you have to move it right away; make the puck do the work.

Center Ice: With more games played and the more physical play conditioning has to be important?

Kevin Marshall: Well obviously back in juniors you were playing against 16,17,18,19 year olds. Here it is another level; 27 or 30 year old guys when you go into a corner. I think I had a good summer and I prepared myself pretty well. You need to because at this level if you do not, the players or so smart and you need to be able to compete with them. If you don’t they are going to pick someone and put you aside.

Center Ice: What hockey players did you follow coming up?

Kevin Marshall: I did not follow any particular player but some players that I liked was Chris Chelios; I liked the way he played; some players always said that when you went into the corner with him you know it was going to be rough, hard and it was going to be tough to take the puck away from him. I want to put that in my mind and want to be in my own zone able to count on me. I want to play with grit and a lot of intensity, go in hard and win my battle one on one.

Center Ice: How has the crack down on the clutching and grabbing affected the pressure on the defenseman?

Kevin Marshall: A little bit; the big change came when I was in AAA, the first year junior; I am a defensive defenseman so it was good; it is all about body position. I am lucky I did not play that much during that time with the hooking and obstruction because it is a lot harder to change; I had to change when I was younger while I was learning and playing so it was not too hard for me.

Center Ice: How have the crowds been in Adirondack?

Kevin Marshall: Pretty good; everywhere we go the fans have said we are glad to have you back. Even on the Wednesday games when there are less people in the stands they are loud and supportive. The love the game and when something is happening on the ice it shows; it is a great atmosphere. The Glens Falls Center is pretty nice.

Center Ice: That has to help playing in front of full arena?

Kevin Marshall: You know hockey is an emotional sport and the more the emotion the better the game. When you get the crowd (the seventh player) are behind you, cheering for you; it is almost like they are on the bench with you. It’s great so when you go onto the ice no matter what happens they are going to cheer for you.

Center Ice: You have a better record on the road than at home, any reason?

Kevin Marshall: Things just haven’t been too good on the road; I don’t know why. Obviously we need to fix that to be able to have a good place in the standings and for the playoffs. You need to be as good on the road as at home.

Center Ice: What part of your game do you need to work on?

Kevin Marshall: Puck movement; I think if I want to get to the NHL I have to improve this. Move the puck, make a good decision with it, don’t throw it away for nothing; make sure the first pass is hard on the tape; The NHL teams are looking to see who is making the right play at the right time. I have to make sure I am good and consistent.

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