Interview with Mike Haviland, Assistant Chicago Blackhawks Coach

Published on January 31st, 2011

By Fran Rubert

Mike Haviland. Source: Fran Rubert

At the 2011 NHL All-Star Game in Raleigh, Center Ice talked to Mike Haviland, former Atlantic City Boardwalk Bullies head coach, former Trenton Titans head coach and now assistant coach for the Chicago Blackhawks.

Center Ice: Mike we did not get a chance to see you after your Blackhawks win over the Flyers last year in the finals so congratulations.  Seeing the Flyers this year what has been the difference that you have seen with them?

Mike Haviland: I think their defense; I think they have solidified their five-six guys and I think that makes a huge difference.  Their depth in their lines reminds me of our team last year; the series last year was a tremendous series and it could have gone either way.  It looked like game seven was coming around the corner.  Personally, adding the defensemen that they did, the depth they have in all three lines; for me I think they are the best team in the league.

Center Ice:  The pick-up of Mezsaros and O’Donnell has had to been crucial for them?

Mike Haviland:  Yes picking up those number five and six guys has solidified it for them this year; I don’t see them on a regular basis.  I thought last year it looked like Leighton also really played well for them but I think they have improved themselves in the cage with the young goalie (Bobrovsky) who played a pretty good game for them too.

Center Ice: What does Chicago have to do to get back?  You had to replace a lot of player and you are still a young team.

Mike Haviland:   Our goal is that we have to play a simpler game; we are still trying to play a more fancy game and we have to simplify our game a lot more; support the puck more and just simplify the game

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